About Us

The Fremd Viking Booster Club is a fundraising organization that complements the educational experience of all Fremd students. Since 1970, we have provided service and support to the Fremd Community. The funds raised support the entire student body along with their clubs, sports teams, and various activities.

The Boosters contributed $20,000 in Scholarships awarded to the graduating class of 2017, and over $90,000 went to the Principal’s Wish List. Check out the various items we have given back to Fremd. The list will amaze you!

Basic membership is only $25 and does not obligate you to any meetings or volunteer time. Any money donated to the Booster Club can be designated to a specific activity, club, or sport of your choice. Your tax deductible dues support ALL the students of Fremd.

Our board members and volunteers are the key to our overall success! If you have additional time to participate, we are always welcoming parents to be involved in our various committees or be a drop-in volunteer. Please take a look at our board committee list to learn more about how each committee adds value to our student's high school experience and complete our volunteer form

Thank you for your support of the Viking Booster Club!


Principal Tenopir, "I encourage families to lend support to the Fremd Booster Club."

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