Wishes Granted

At the end of each school year, your Booster Club makes a significant financial donation back to Fremd High School. We refer to this as the Principal's Wish List. The Principal gathers requests from all over the school - academic areas / club and activity sponsors / coaches. The wishes are reviewed, and prioritized. As always, our goal is to provide a benefit to as many students as possible, and some of these items will be used for many, many years.  

Some of our fundraising results have a direct benefit to certain students, such as scholarships for seniors, and direct cost reduction to post prom attendees, but we believe the Wishes Granted funds will likely support the entire student population over their time at Fremd.  We are PROUD to report the following Wish List will be granted to Fremd High School. 

Wishes Granted 2017

 Thank you for your continued financial support of Fremd Booster Club. Please take time to review the Wishes Granted List over the past several years and enjoy looking at pictures of many of the items. Each of our student's is benefiting from your generosity.

Wishes Granted 2016

Wishes Granted 2015

Wishes Granted 2014

Wishes Granted 2013

Wishes Granted 2012